The board of AB Grigeo company appointed Tomas Jozonis, a long-term employee of the group, to the position of general director.


Grigeo names Tomas Jozonis as new general director

Grigeo names Tomas Jozonis as new general director

Photo: Tomas Jozonis / Grigeo

Grigeo announces that Gintautas Pangonis, who has been the president of AB Grigeo until now, will purposefully strengthen the strategic management of the group - he will hold the position of chairman of the board of AB Grigeo and will serve on all the boards of the company group.

Tomas Jozonis was elected as the new general director of Grigeo. He has been working in the group of companies since 2013, is a member of the board of the company and other companies in the group. Having started his career at AB Grigeo as a purchasing manager, Tomas Jozonis has held various management positions for the past eight years, and since 2019 served as the general director of the company's paper business.

AB Grigeo company manufactures wood fiber panels, cardboard, and toilet paper.