6, 2009. A decrease in production is due to shutdowns of numerous mills because of changed situation on external markets.

In January 2009 woodworking in Russia decreased by 33.4% – Economic Development Ministry

Moscow, Feb 26, 2009. /Lesprom Network/. Timber processing and woodworking in January 2009 in Russia amounted to 66.6% of the January 2008 level, pulp & paper processing, publishing and printing activities – to 78.9% (publishing, printing & copying activities – to 83.1%, pulp, wood pulp, paper, cardboard and its products – to 75.9%), timber harvesting – to 89.4%, as Russian Ministry of Economic Development informed Lesprom Network.

Due to changed situation on external markets (market saturation, decline of demand for and prices on wood products) many enterprises have been shut down and stopped shipping. In January 2009, production of hard wood fiber boards decreased by 50.1%, of plywood – by 48.7%, wood particle boards – by 26.7%, sawnwood – by 29.1%, and window units – by 49.7% compared to the same period of the previous year.

A 24.1% decline in pulp & paper production in January is due to decrease of market pulp production by 32.5% and of cardboard – by 33.9%.


A considerable retention of pulp & paper production growth in January 2009 compared to January 2008 is due to curtailment of demand of major consumers on the pulp market.

In January, an increase trend in production volume of wooden crate products group remained: the growth amounted to 7.9%.


Production volume of some wood products



January 2009 / January 2008 ratio,


Market timber, million festmeters



Sawnwood, million cubic meters



Plywood, thousand cubic meters



Food particle boards, thousands conditional cubic meters



Hard wood fiber boards, million conditional sq m



Market pulp, thousand tons



Paper, thousand tons



Cardboard, thousand tons



A 16.9% production decrease in publishing, printing and copying activities in January 2009  (compared to January 2008) is caused by curtailment of issuing of journals by 23% and of books & brochures by 42%.
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