SCGP to create a new production complex in the north of Vietnam and establish a packaging paper production base within the complex with a total investment of over 11,793 million baht. Commercial start-up is expected early 2024, to integrate SCGP’s operations in Vietnam and meet challenges of the steadily growing packaging market.

SCGP to build new packaging paper production base in Vietnam

SCGP to build new packaging paper production base in Vietnam

SCGP has decided to expand through Vina Kraft Paper by building a new major complex in Vinh Phuc, Vietnam; a strategically important area in the northern part of the country, as well as adding packaging paper production facilities to boost capacity by about 370,000 tons a year.

The total investment amounts to VND 8,133 billion (approximately 11,793 million baht) inclusive of the project’s machinery, civil work, land, financial cost, working capital of state-of-the-art packaging paper production technology and infrastructures.

The investment is currently under Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process. SCGP expects the plan to be completed and commercial production to begin in early 2024, and result in VKPC’s total packaging paper capacity of 870,000 tons per annum which will complement its expansion plan.

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