Reno De Medici Group

Reno De Medici S.p.A. has signed an irrevocable commitment to acquire 100% of the share capital of Fineska B.V., the Dutch holding company of Eska Group. The seller, Andes C.V. is a vehicle controlled by the US investment firm Andlinger & Co.

In 2021 Reno De Medici (RDM) Group’s Italian plants will purchase electricity from renewable sources only. RDM Group reinforces its commitment to an energy policy based on the use of renewable sources, increasing the energy efficiency of production activities and modernizing industrial processes to make them sustain...

Reno De Medici's FY 2020 sales amounted to Euro 679 million compared with Euro 702 million of the previous year. Sales decreased by Euro 22.1 million compared with the previous year was due to the decline in average selling prices both within the WLC and the FBB segment.

The Board of Directors of Reno De Medici S.p.A. favorably assessed an irrevocable offer received by its subsidiary RDM Blendecques S.A.S. for the purchase of its 100% interest in R.D.M. La Rochette S.A.S. The offer was submitted by Bonaparte Holding SAS.