Segezha Group

Segezha Group put into operation scarfing line at its Sokol plant in the Vologda region, Russia. The line capacity is 25 m3 of laminated products per hour. As a result, the output of laminated products at Sokol WP will increase by 20%, up to 100 thousand cubic meters per annum.

Segezha Group started construction of the new container terminal at its Lesosibirsky LDK No.1 in Russia. This project provides on time transportation for the increasing volumes of pellet fuels that are produced at KsyloTech-Syberia LLC. The construction will be completed by September 2020. The total investment in this ...

Segezha Group's Vyatka plywood mill in Kirov, Russia is successfully implementing methods of lean production and efficiency improvement; working groups are being established to identify production-related problems and ways to tackle them.

Segezha Group (part of Sistema JSFC) started construction of a workshop equipped with a drying plant for dry lignosulfonate at its Sokolsky mill in the Vologda region, Russia. The workshop will be commissioned this autumn. Its capacity will amount to 2000 tons of dry lignosulphonate per month.

In 2020 Segezha Group (part of Sistema JSFC) will spend around RUB 10.5 million ($143, 835) on restoration of forest crops in Kirov region, Russia. Employees of Vyatsky Plywood Mill, the holding’s asset, will plant about 775.5 thousands of fir and pine seedlings from the local forest nurseries across the area of 258.5 ...

Segezha PPM (Karelian asset of Segezha Group holding, part of Sistema JSFC) continues the works on production capacity modernization. In 2021, worn and obsolete equipment in the Lime Causticization & Reburning Workshop (LCRW) will be replaced with new and environmentally friendly one.

Segezha Packaging, which consolidates the European paper packaging production facilities of Segezha Group (part of Sistema JSFC) continues the implementation of the digital industrial technologies into the production processes.